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For a profitable motive pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have a major social responsibility. Pharmaceutical companies share several public platforms for this profit motive and for the profitable survival they have several issues in that content.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t have regulations for drug prices therefore, the major pharmaceutical manufacturing companies face fierce competition from illegal drug imports, the issue which cannot be ignored.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies represent several associations that represent pharmaceutical manufacturers. Being innovative in the pharmaceutical field these organizations work for the global policy environment that is conductive to innovation. These associations provide the major existence of a platform like an international association provide opportunities to major pharmaceutical companies to have the collaborative relationship among themselves and to encourage growth in such a manner that provides avenues for overall improvement in public health while commercially profitable.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India are booming the business because of several reasons. Firstly the product affordability plays an important role in improving the conditions of the Indian pharmaceutical industries. Secondly, top pharmaceutical companies businesses in the world match with the workforce of India which leads to boasting the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies enhancing the development and competency level of technology in India. Contributing a big contribution to the country growth and development.

The Contract manufacturing pharma companies have a room for improvement and are focusing on the global as well as local markets major focusing on the local markets to make drug accessible to them in local markets. With the increase in the pharmaceutical and sophisticated medicine innovative medicine, pharmaceutical need to invest in the R&D distribution.

However, with advanced technology low costs products, the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies’ holds the top industries in the world. As far as Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing companies grow Elfin Drugs Pvt.Ltd. Definitely is one of the main ones. It has been predicted as the largest pharmaceutical globally and is leading in the field.

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