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Now no need to worry, #lets fight with corona with our #Government approved products.
  • ..KN 95 Respirator (face mask)
  • Testing kit
  • Protection suit
  • Infrared Ray Thermometer

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Disposable Zipper Suit with Overhead Protection

Very useful for the persons (medical staff) who are treating corona patients and other persons too who are near suspected patients. It provides complete protection for full body including head.

Disposable zipper suit
Disposable zipper suit

Protective Mask/Respirator

It is approved by FDA. Full protection with no suffocation and easy to wear for long time.

Protective mask
Protective mask
Protective mask

Infrared Ray Thermometer

A thermometer based on infrared ray non body contact. Light weighted big LCD screen and easy to use. Long battery life with automatic power off.
Infrared ray thermometer
Infarred ray thermometer
Infarred ray thermometer

Spray pump

A sanitizing spray pump with high power and great effect.

sanitizing spray pump

IgG/IgM Detection kit

STANDARD Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Duo Test Kit both are immunoglobulin which are produced by the immune system to provide protection against the 2019-nCoV. Some patients with negative results in nucleic acid show positive in IgM test,indicating that the IgH/IgM detection is one of the effective methods for the diagnostic of 2019-nCoV.

Suspected patients that are infected by 2019-nCoV can be repaidily identified by simultaneous monitoring of IgM and IgG.

corona test kit

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